The book Third Battle of Panipat is an authentic account of the battle fought between the Marathas and the allied armies of principle Muslim chiefs of India and Afghan Invader Ahmad Shah Abdali. The book describes the various events that led to the clash of arms between the two races who hardly had any contact 3-4 years before the battle.
The book gives the detailed description of the armed strength of the two armies, the diplomatic moves made by the two parties, the political scenario and the various causes that led to the defeat .Various reasons have been proposed by various historians from time to time as to what led to the loss at Panipat and what actually the Marathas lost in Panipat. All these points have been studied upon and presented in a lucid manner in this book.
The book also describes the actual battle fought on 14th January, 1761 as seen by various eye witnesses: one being Kashi raj. The description of eyewitnesses of both sides have been taken into account to make an unbiased report.

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 Details of the book:
Book: Third Battle of Panipat
Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2013
Publisher: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Number of Pages: 350
Language: English